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Corporate Philosophy

Yuan Cun Machinery Ltd Co was set up in 1981. Creating machines that specialises in slicing and washing equipments for fruits and vegetables. Due to overwhelming requests from clients. We created the very first ginger shredding machine in Taiwan. This achievement is only made possible by 30 years of research and development. The ginger shredding machine has been well received by our clients. At the same time, we are also constantly listening to their advices and feedbacks. Onion cutting machine and other food processors have been developed since then. All these food processors help saves time, manpower and improve efficiency for all food related businesses, big and small alike.

Future Prospect

Thirty years’ service in the industry puts E-CHANG on the map of small food machinery. For the next thirty years, the Company expects itself with more abundant services, where besides standard food processing machines, it will offer more diverse customized services. E-CHANG satisfies customer requirements for production accessibility and operation procedure of food processing, as well as offers customized service of specialized food processing machines.

Brand Concept

Figures of leaves and tornado are combined to express a “storm of food machinery”, which is meant to impress and marvel people of food ingredient after cutting or processing. Leaves, which are robustly vital and grow on, symbolizes E-CHANG’s powerful, efficient and attractive spirit. The green hues suggest healthy vitality in fresh and simple style, invigorating taste, wholly professionalism and sunny energy.